Песня 8 опенинг, автор хвост феи

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Название произведения: 8 опенинг

Автор: хвост феи

Длительность mp3 записи: 01:27

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Текст просмотрели: 614

Добавлено: 2015-02-18


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Carrying a slightly begrimed suitcase
Descending from the sky above.
Making my entrance in this place on the other side of the map.
A place I've been yearning for in my dreams.

Yeah Yea Yea (Yea Yea Yea), The Rock City Boy (The Rock City Boy).
Yea Yea Yea (Yea Yea Yea), The Rock City Boy! (The Rock City Boy!).

Oh Baby, I'm going to keep overcoming these walls with my guitar.
Until I get there I'm going to keep singing.
Just music, just that alone.
I'm giving it to you, oh yeah!

Don't you think we have more things in common with my guitar than not?!
As I'm searching yea, I'm going to keep singing.
Just love, just that alone.

Going in pursuit,be free!?
My perfect dream~.

Yea Yea Yea.
The Rock City Boy! ( boy boy boy )

Whether I'm asleep or awake.
I'll always be standing for my dreams, yea.

I wanna believe the singing on beat most recently is like recess for me.
Pretty pretty please no birds and the bees.
,but ecstasy with extra cheese.
Rhyming rhino sounding like bino.
All smacked up with a black jack bottle.

When I say ho, you say, hey.
You have no idea what I'm saying right?

Fairy Tail OP 8 / Хвост Феи опенинг 8 (Jackie-O Russian TV-Version)
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