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Название произведения: Hush-The March

Автор: Из фильма XXX

Длительность mp3 записи: 03:28

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Текст просмотрели: 708

Добавлено: 2014-09-28


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[Verse 1]
I gotta get what I can and what I don't I gotta take
If it means everything than its something I gotta shake
I gotta grip on this game so they call me the King Kong
With guns drawn out with a pen I've been gone
It's never enough (what?) that every tough rapper
Who never gives up is just in a world that lives up
To every word written or spitten without forgettin'
Where he's from in the D and in me is still the mitten
I won't budge not for a sec for you to judge
With no grudge with a right hand full of slugs
It's a pity where God put a smudge in Rock City
Everybody doesn't smile and the thugs are not pretty
It's apocalypse now at my best I'm intense
With a middle finger up to the world and nonsense
It takes much to say tuff that much
To anybody out with a doubt to say such
I don't care plenty my words ain't to friendly
You ain't making me a dollar my dogs have got pennys
I'm sick with the flow all of my tracks are mainly psychotic
I'm ill with the beats and my words are the anti-biotic
Look and you got it hammer's will snap you in half
Leaving you in a bath of blood doing the math
I am the next viscious and mean this is a team homie
The rest are just fiends
Get it right cause my city is to hard
My words don't mean shit without these few scars I'm serious
All of my dogs will clap you
Leaving you some new stitches and slugs for tattoos
I get mad and busy with words and in a frenzy
And I'm a be the 1st to admit it I get dizzy
When these people try to say that I ain't got flow
When I say more than just a bunch of hey ya ho's!
Get ya money up shit your better off with a muzzle
Before the muzzle of this Eagle leaves you up in a puddle
Get your team in a huddle cause I'm coming a full blitz
With full clips and words in a mix and bullshit

(SUIT UP) Get ya troops lined up, get ya boots shined up
meet us out in the mud and get..
(CHEWED UP) Let us run down the line, see ya runnin' out of time
with the yellow in ya spine we are...
(CREWED UP) We ain't playin' war games, this is real and our aim
is headed in your way so...
(WHO WHAT?) Wants beef then try us, deny us
stand as a man and die tough

[Verse 2]
See I take it to the max when I push my own limits
Without even a second to lose and no minutes
No hours no time to waste anything
I gotta make it count and amout to everything
If it ain't in my words the streets will tell me
So tell me where you stand in a land of shells B?
I stand as a man and the land defines me
A land where I stand and demand my rights free
A man with a plan and the fans behind me
A handful of Stans and the hands that bite me
The kind that just lie or the rest that cry wolf
Or the rest are just blind to the facts with no proof
If you start very few live with huge heart
To against the grain in a way that's too smart
I been through it all for y'all with fallout
Brawl for brawl I'm off of the wal with balls out
With no doubts I'm here to react so stand up
Man up I want you to put your hands up
The realest emcee to combine the 2 worlds
Like 2 girls twisted up nice in 2 curls
I only gotta give what I can and that's all
But all I gotta give in this dog is this y'all
That y'all can't deny the shit y'all
Spy y'all every time I rhyme y'all
Why y'all gotta create the hate y'all
It's all I got at steak and plate it's fate y'all
I'll take y'all out of the game it's too late
You're straight going out on a limb that might break
You can't act all of that rap of packin' a gat
It's too elementary like Cat In The Hat
My words will impact and kid with 2 cents
Who ain't never meant shit to no one a nuisance


HUSH HUSH - The Avril Lavigne Tour - Jakarta 12 March 2014
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